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hello everyone i'm vic carter. it is a warning that is falling on deaf ears. today a young man jumped into a reservoir to cool off and never resurfaced. kai jackson found, even with these deaths people are not staying away from those dangerous waters. >> reporter: on the same day that police captured the drowning of a victim. the fire department found the body of a drowning victim. the 23-year-old man was fishing with friends when he went into the lock haven reservoir thursday morning. friends tried to help but they couldn't pull him to safety. >> very sad, very sad. the terrible way to lose a young life. >> reporter: signs are posted in baltimore county reservoirs that swimming is illegal. there are steep drop offs and degree under the surface. but wjz found a father and son
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swimming in the reservoir. and the man told wjz he's a cop. they say they know it's illegal but wanted to cool off. >> reporter: are you aware that it's illegal to swim in the lock haven reservoir? >> yeah, i think i did. yeah. >> reporter: why did you guys swim any way? >> to cool off, as long as my husband is there and they don't go in past their waist. >> reporter: the city of baltimore says these bodies of water may be picturesque but they are dangerous to swim in. >> it's very easy for someone to reach in and slip in and you're in water far over your head. >> reporter: at this point, baltimore fire department officials have not identified the victim who drowned in the
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reservoir. officials say they have 40,000 acres of shoreline to patrol, so it's impossible to patrol the whole area. >> the city says they'll soon add two more officers. police say a woman driving crashed into a pole, as she was calling 911. another car crashed into her. one person was taken to john hopkins hospital. bge was called to restore power to the area. the governor has some harsh words for how a judge handled the case involving one of the accused killers of a john hopkins officer. governor o' malley is weighing in on the murder, which he calls judicial failings. >> reporter: john wagner has been in and out of courtrooms over the years. he pled guilty for beating his girlfriend and driving a stolen
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car. he then violated his probation four times but his prosecutors fought time and time again for imprisonment, judge john howard refused to put him behind bars. so wagner was out on the streets and as charging documents reveal, on the hunt for a victim when he and his wife came upon steve canterin. they are charged with robbing and killing him. now the governor and his first opinion on the case, says the judge dropped the ball. >> they too have a role to play in protecting the public. every time i interview a judge i ask them if they are willing to send someone to jail when
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they are a danger to the public. >> reporter: his mother was on the phone with him and heard something a mother should never have. >> i wanted to tell her we feel for you. our hearts go out to you. >> reporter: the police commissioner has apologized for failing to protect pitcaren but says he can't do it alone. >> it'll be a great thing to know that everybody connected with the criminal justice system is doing that kind of introspection and saying, damet we all have to do better. >> for repeat offender, jail is the only answer. >> reporter: wagner denies his involvement in the killing. reporting from charles village, mike hellgren. you can watch the entire interview with the governor on our website u.s. airways flight 2032
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was delayed because of bad weather. both the fbi and tsa were called after a manmade threatening comments. storms caused major delays for metro commuters. strong winds broke down a power line. trapping 30 metro passengers for nearly three hours. pepco was brought in to deenergize the wire. tests are being conducted to confirm the grizzly bear wide life officials captured is the ones that attacked several campers near yellow stone national park killing one person. one of the campers survived the attack. >> i was sound asleep, a split second before the attack,
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something caused me to wake up. >> reporter: deb was in her camp when the bear began to attack her. >> i screamed, he bit harder. i screamed harder. he continued to bite and shake my arm and he bit my leg. >> there was no getting away. >> i don't know if you want to call it instinct, but something inside me said, i want to live. and i told myself, play dead. and i went totally limp. as soon as i went limp, i could feel his jaws get lose and then he let me go and he went away. >> reporter: at least one bear rampaged through three camp sites, drags a man from his tent and killing him and injuring a teenager. frill thought the bear that attacked her was behaving oddly. >> i have to believe that bear was not normal. the behavior, the behavior, it was very quiet. i never made any noise.
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i felt like he was hunting me. >> reporter: about 600 grizzly bears and hundreds of less aggressive black bears live in and around yellow stone. manuel gallegos. >> park and wildlife officials are calling this an unusual predatory attack. test results on whether they captured the right bear are expected tomorrow. confessions of a killer. lee mallwall was just 17 years old when he took part in a string of shootings. eight years later he's making stunning accusations and he's telling them to actor william shatner. >> this is the most detailed account of what mallwall says happened and the preparations for the killing spree, including practice murders and coconspirators. >> your children are not safe any where at any time. >> reporter: for 23 days in 2002, dc, maryland and virginia were paralyzed by fear of the
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d.c. snipers. 13 people shot, 10 died. john muhammad master minded the killings. the trigger man, now 23-year- old malvell is speaking to william shatner for a new tv series. he says there were more than two others in on the murderous plans but they backed up. >> there were supposed to be three to four snipers. in this way you could do a lot
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more damage. >> there were grander plans to kill more people. >> he came out and shot me with a .22 handgun. >> shatner told wjz he doesn't know whether to believe malvo if there were more coconspirators. >> i got the greatest insight of what was in muhammad's mind. i don't think lee knows either. all he knows is the stories that muhammad told him. >> reporter: this phone interview reveals malvo contradicts himself. they were never able to confirm that any of the coconspirators were out there. malvo is serving a life sentence. the show aftermath will air another special on the dc
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snipers next month. remnants of an amazing archaeological discovery made in new york's ground zero is headed to maryland. workers of the world trade center site hit a ship wreck. historians believe the ship was buried and used as landfill to extend the shores of lower manhattan. the ravens cheer leaders premier their 2010-2011 swim suit calendar tonight. the calendar was shot in the bahamas. you can order the calendar on the ravens website. gruesome discovery, the
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bodies of eight newborns were found buried near a house. what the mother is saying to police. a nationwide report with surprising details, what the quality of the beach water in delaware and maryland, the results when we return. cooler and drier conditions headed our way. i'm bob turk, i'll have the complete warning forecast, coming up next. ,,,,,[ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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it is 76 degrees and clear in central maryland right now. the complete forewarning weather forecast is coming up. a woman admitted to killing and hiding the remains of her eight newborns around her house. the 46-year-old told investigators she didn't want to have any more children but her fears of doctors prevented her from getting contraceptics. protesters from phoenix to new york are calling for the entire immigration law to be abolished. federal law abolished many of the provisions yesterday. supporters of the measure held their own rally. they've filed an appeal asking for the full law to take effect. former agriculture department employee sherrod is
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filing a lawsuit. the subject of the suit is the blogger. he posted a segment of a speech by sherrod making her look racist. president obama spoke about sherrod along with a wide range of issues during an historic television appearance. for the first time, that a president was interviewed on a morning talk show, the view. >> what has been gratified that the economy is starting to grow again. and what's satisfying is seeing how resilient the american people are. >> during his time in new york, the president appeared at two
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fundraisers. the 2000 to 2004avalon and 2003 to 2007lexus ls270 are being recalled. toyota has recalled 2.3 million cars since september. as mike schu reports, the del mar peninsula is home to some of the cleanest waters. >> reporter: the water in ocean city is among the best in the country. >> absolutely, it does give me peace of mind. >> reporter: over all the beaches in delaware are second best in the country. the nrdc gave five stars to top beaches but none are close to us. >> four stars is still pretty good. in maryland there were a couple
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of four star beaches. >> reporter: ocean city, and acetie beaches are all near the top. this report says over all the quality has improved slightly for maryland and decreased for delaware. >> the two are storm water and sewage. >> in ocean city they've spent millions to upgrade their facilities, to keep their beaches clean and they routinely monitor the water quality. one concept the group is promoting, is permeable draining. mike schu, wjz. >> the survey shows red point and west view shores in cecil county have the worse water quality in maryland. now pitching for the
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washington nationals, miss iowa. katherine conners will do the honors this wednesday. this comes after a comment by pitcher miguel batista. he said being a last minute replacement was like going to see a movie and having miss iowa show up. and let's take a look at conditions in our region. lightning is south of us. yes there's cig lightning going on in the lower portions of dorchester county. 81 at vwi marshall. north-northwest winds at five. the dewpoint is falling down to 66. beautiful air mass coming in. right now 81 here. most places north of the city already in the low to mid-70s.
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73, 73 and a 63 now in oakland. wow, south of us showers and thunderstorms right around the cambridge area moving south out of the region. dewpoint continues to drop, winds now out of the north- northwest. drier, pleasant conditions. the next few days, really, really nice. blue skies, very dry air. dewpoints in the 50s tomorrow. just a really nice day shaping up. this front came through with thunderstorms activity. some areas getting over an inch. most places not nearly enough. but it's now down to the south. you see all the showers to the carolinas and moving to the east. clear skies pretty much from dover and dc north and west. and very nice. up here in northern state. temps in the 50s. now, pleasant weather friday and saturday. by sunday, however interesting things start happening. this warm humid air rolling back to the north to northeast.
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at the same time, high pressure over new england moves offshore, allowing the winds to come off of the ocean. cool, damp, marine air. that means cloudy skies one sunday. good chance of showers, maybe thundershowers. could be steady rain and temps may not get out of the 70s on sunday. north winds in the bay may gust to 20 knots. bay temps around 94. clear to partly cloudy, 56. very comfortable. even low 60s. tomorrow, sun and a few clouds but much less humidity. temperatures in the low to mid- 80s. even a little cooler, 84 on saturday. clouds and good chance of showers may be a few thundershowers. 85 on sunday. clearing out, 86 and 90 here by tuesday. the buck stops in baltimore. mark has news about the orioles and manager, next in sports. @@
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by expanding the port, martin o'malley is creating the next generation of jobs right here in baltimore.
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5700 hundred jobs... that means work for today... but even more jobs for the future. 5700 new jobs that makes maryland more competitive in the world economy. without governor o'malley, this expansion would never have happened. his commitment to upgrading our port and fighting for our workers is unparalleled. martin o'malley, there's never a doubt who's side he's on. martin o'malley. moving maryland forward.
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we all know where the buck stops. >> its stops here, for teams major moves for the orioles. buck shorewalters in. tejada is out. shorewalters the big story. last led the rangers two years ago. he sees great potential, the players got news of his hiring in kansas city today. >> he's got his hands full. that's for sure. we have a lot of holes on this team. >> hopefully this will bring some stability. hopefully this will be something that will be a lasting decision. something that will go beyond that. but i think it's a good starting point. >> as for the tejada trade, he goes to the san diego padres. tejada was in his second stint
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with the orioles. the padres will add him to add stretch their stint. and they were counting on mathis to stop the losing streak. he let it get away. walks in a run. juan samuel had to go to the bullpen early. 4 game series in kc, a reminder, masn saturday night. i'll be there for the broadcast, you can see it here. the ravens resume training camp with the first full squad work out tomorrow. the veterans will join the rookies who've had the field for the first two days. the guys are in for a bit of a shock when they start mixing it up with the veteran players for the first time. >> the first time the pads come
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on, they forget what the play is, because the pads are on. hopefully by friday that calms down a little bit. >> practice starts at 8:45 tomorrow morning at mcdaniel college. the cincinnati bengals welcome their new receiver to town, terrell owens. he joins qb palmer and chad ocho cinco. the ravens play at cincinnati september 19th. that is a soap opera just waiting to unfold. >> not a lot of talkers on that team. >> ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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